The pictures and the book . . . .

My visit to St. Simons Island located just off the coast of southern Georgia is one I will never forget.   When the local weatherman predicted fog, I immediately set my alarm for 4:00 a.m.  I sleepily made my way out the door that next morning in search of  the elusive shot that every photographer dreams of.  I found it!   The  beautiful photo of the live oaks embraced in morning fog that graces the top of every page of this blog is the result of that adventure .

After long hours of searching for those photos that capture the essence of the island and more hours of researching and writing about its intriguing history, the resulting book is now in its final stages.  This is a example of only one of my books.

Below is the book cover and some sample pages:

Layout 1


Layouts, each one consisting of two facing pages:

Above:  Intro pages with on-site photography

Below:  Sample historic narrative and contemporary photography


Samples:  two-page panoramas