I have always been driven by my love for creativity, artistic expression and the written word. As a little girl, I  was blessed with a talent for all of the above even though my childhood circumstances were less than desirable. Subsequently, I spent much of my time during those younger years either drawing with colored pencils, reading stacks of books from the local library, or literally contemplating my life as I meandered through the patch of woods beside our home.

As an honor student, I excelled in everything I put my hands on, finding delight in the approval and encouragement from my doting teachers. I discovered early on that by winning writing and art contests, or science fairs and such, I was able to achieve the confidence and self-esteem I needed to push myself forward. As an adult,  I fine-tuned one of my God-given talents as a portrait artist and traveled the mid-west in my huge red Chevy van participating as a professional in huge art shows which concentrated mostly in the Chicago area.   Though those years on the road were grueling,  I  found that absorbing the admiration of the many onlookers at my booth as they watched me work my magic did wonders for my self-esteem.

As fifteen years passed quickly by and my sons went off to college, I became weary of life on the road, and  I moved from Indiana back to my home state of Tennessee in 2002. It was then that I permanently laid my portrait work down and purchased a professional camera.  I literally never looked back, unless it was through my camera lens!

Blessed with a natural ability to see beyond the obvious, my skill in photography led me to places I could not imagine, including my honored role as the set photographer for a short film starring long-time television and movie actor Tom Skerritt (of Top Gun and Steel Magnolias fame) which is one of my most cherished experiences.

Those inborn gifts of my childhood, including my creative writing skills, have also opened doors for me to perform a coveted assignment as the photographer/writer to create a line of beautiful gift/souvenir travel books included in the Historic Hospitality line in the “Meet Me At” series featured on my website www.marylawsonfreelance.com . This series includes my books on The Opryland Hotel, The Hermitage Hotel and my most recent book on Nashville’s Union Station which is waiting publication.

Currently, as a woman in my prime, my love for photography and writing continues to grow stronger every day.  My deep appreciation for the many facets of God’s creation (including people, places and the animal kingdom), never ceases to provide subject matter for my photography as I strive to document some of this incredible world we live in one picture at a time.   You may see some of my work at: www.marylawsonphotography.com

It is no secret that an intense love for life and the people and places in it literally runs through my veins!  It manifests itself through my creative energy and my eye for detail which subsequently translates into my creative work, whether it’s through my photography or my creative writing.

I have learned that the terrain of life consists of hill and valleys, deep canyons and ultimate mountaintops. As I continue to traverse all of them, I strive to keep on moving and always put my best foot forward.

Speaking of “feet,” I am also a ballroom dancer!  Hence, my favorite quote:

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass,

it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”